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Confession time! I actually wrote this on May 10, 2011 along with this other post. I wanted to post a review about my Acnetrex journey after two weeks that ends May 11, 2011; but I was sure that if I wrote it on the 11th - scratch that there was no way in the world that I would be able to finish, hell start writing it on the 11th. So I wrote this on the 10th but posted this today, the 11th. I have a pretty good reason though, wait for it, wait for it… BOOM! I am off to Hong Kong today. Just to make things clear ‘today’ means May 11, 2011.

Today marks the end of my second week taking Acnetrex. And so far, I cannot be any more satisfied. I have 75% less acne, and what are mostly left are acne scars. Mind you though, they are just as irritating as pimples because they are friggin RED! So, what is Acnetrex? I will quote a very brief part of the Acnetrex literature.*
Clinical Pharmacokinetics (according to the dictionary on my mac, this means the branch of pharmacology concerned with the movement of drugs within the body): The exact mechanism of action is not known. However, isotretenoin reduces sebaceous gland size and inhibits sebaceous gland activity, thereby decreasing sebum secretion. I addition, isotretenoin has been shown to have anti-keratinizing and anti-inflammatory actions. The exact role of these actions in clinical improvement of cystic acne is not known, especially with respect to prolonged remissions.

I started during the night last April 27th; and I take one 10 mg soft gel capsules twice a day, which means I only take 20 mg of soft gel capsules a day. Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know this is a very low dosage because I have read on other blogs that people take up to 80 mg a day. Moreover, I have read and feared like there is no tomorrow the initial breakout stage that a lot of users have complained about and luckily I only broke out a few times. Miraculously though is that if I breakout today, usually it would be almost gone the next day. I am not doing any special diet or something; although I tried to reduce my oil intake. Moreover, I exercise via Pilates and treadmill twice to thrice a week. I am not sure about this but it does make sense when I read it somewhere that says the initial breakout stage transpires because it tries to purge excess oil on your body mostly via your skin in the face. Oh! How I wish that it would not be the face of all places.

In fact, I visited my dermatologist last May 9, 2011 and she already told me that I could start using my bleaching cream that she prescribed to me sometime during the first week of the month of May. As you can see I am one of her most loyal patient because my mum, as paranoid as she is, insists that we see her every week. Note that it took us less than a week to visit her again. Great! *sweat drop* She also said that she is quite shocked that with only 20 mg of Acnetrex a day for almost two weeks, I have improved this much. I guess God answered my prayers. *gleam*

So far, I must say that the only side effect that I am experiencing is dryness on and around the lip area. Soon, maybe when I am at terms with the events that have transpired on face, I might show you a before and after picture. Trust me, I was in full acceptance bracing myself for the initial breakout that thankfully never came. I also did not expect it to work this fast on me, but I guess it is somehow built especially for me. Thank You God!

When I started out on Acnetrex, I was honestly gearing myself to journal every single day. I decided to wait around two to three days just to have an overall viewpoint on what to write. A week passed and another, which brings us to where we now are. I can honestly say that I do not have the slightest idea of what to write about because literally nothing happened. I mean the pimples just disappeared! How? Beats me. All I can say is that I experienced dry lips, yet I already read from numerous blogs about this so I decided to prevent rather than cure the dry lips by putting lip balm 24/7 ever since I started with Acnetrex. I must say that I am now a proud owner of not so dry lips.

When I hear/read people complain about their acne, I get quite pissed not at them but the whole fact that they have what 10 pimples? I guess I just become so frustrated that if I only had 10 pimples I would be a very happy girl instead of a tired one whose face used to lay colonies of pimple. The best way to describe me would be that my V-zone, my neck, and my forehead were the residences of pimples. Yay me! *note the very heavy sarcasm* I think the only reason I am able to take this so lightly as of now is that I am getting better rapidly (fingers crossed, would not want to jinx anything) and that I only experienced genetic hormonal acne for almost two years. My hearts go out to those who not only have suffered acne for their whole life but for anyone who is suffering acne overall. It does not help that people will keep telling you that you should not put make-up on because it aggravates it. All I can say is that I actually do feel more beautiful and more confident when my acne is not all that visible even though it does not even look well. I actually just had a brilliant idea that maybe sometime soon I will write about things that I have learned while on my chastisement (acne years) that actually matters.

For more information visit this website, which I painstakingly looked for (of course! I only want the best for you so I read it alllll!)

P.S. Acnetrex neither pays me for this nor knows I even exist. Before I was allowed to take Acnetrex, I was asked to sign a waiver that I was prohibited to advertise or recommend (I think…) Acnetrex because of the side effects. I am merely sharing my experience to all of you.

*Acnetrex is one of the many brands of isotretenoin. This means Acnetrex is only a brand name, just like Roaccutane, etc.[1]

From Your Princess,

[1] According to, oral isotretinoin is marketed under various trade names, the most common ones being Roaccutane (Hoffman-La Roche, known as Accutane in the United States before July 2009; English pronunciation: /rəʊˈækjuteɪn/), Amnesteem (Mylan), Claravis (Barr), Clarus (PremPharm), Decutan (Actavis), Isotane (Pacific Pharmaceuticals), Izotek (BlauFarma), Oratane (Genepharm Australasia), ISOTRET (Liva Healthcare Ltd.) or Sotret (Ranbaxy), while topical isotretinoin is most commonly marketed under the trade names Isotrex or Isotrexin (Stiefel).

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  1. Walz Wyu says:

    Good Morrow Princess,

    I say, I am quite amused with your blog about the 2 weeks of taking Acnetrex because right now it is my first day of taking the pill and I am really hoping that it will turn out fine for me without major breakouts, my doctor also prescribed me 2 pills per day just like yours, your blog will be a good example for what I will expect further.
    Nice blog by the way thumbs up for this :)

    Sir Walz Wyu

  2. Mark Ty says:

    I'm having a breakout. Hope it'll get better soon. I'm still on my 10th day though.

  3. my name is belle.. princess tumbleweed this is my first time to take the AcneTrex i was shocked cause its very expensive. 1509.75php for 10 capsules (1box) and I have to take it twice for 30 days. i would like to ask if you have twitter so that I can ask questions. mine is @belledelmundo_

  4. I'm on my third day.. I hope my acne will vanish after using this.

  5. Unknown says:

    1 box includes 30 capsules. 1508php mercury drugstore.

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